Quotes from Reviewers

"He is a pianist of epic proportions, with the charisma of a natural performer, the talent of a master, and the creativity of a composer unrivaled by any other pianist to come out of Reno. ... His compositions are intelligent and moving, and appeal to a wide range of audiences, from classical music buffs to casual listeners." - Gina Akao, NV (concert review)

"Classical is not my forte, and CDs of that genre arenít the first to hit my player here when they show up at the paper. But after listening to Ostinato, I can tell Twedt put his heart and soul into the project." - Reno Gazette-Journal (Jason Kellner)

Quotes on Performances

"I was at your recital, and I just want to tell you that the funny parts were great! And your music made me cry, too. There's not a whole lot of music that I think changes me, but yours does. Your music is real, and I loved it." - Tracey Sondag, NV

"I can say in complete truth that it was one of the most enjoyable concerts I've ever been to. Those who missed it really missed out." - Kerry Benson, NV

"I think one of the reasons that people like your recitals or music so much is that you not only know how to be an artist, but you also know how to be an entertainer. I think that's a very important quality to have if you want to draw a broad audience. The music that you select is always entertaining yet difficult to play." - Luan Van, CA

"What an absolute treat to hear you play. Power and versatility all in one performer - so many compliments, so much fun." - Deidre Gurley, NV

Quotes on Composing

"Not only am I moved deeply by the universal deep human emotions touched by Twedt's Ostinati, but the musical interpretation and purity of recording make this a very powerful experience." - John Ruby, NV

"Your performance in Vegas was great. You're opening my ears to a whole new world of music." - Cameron Smith, NV

"Your Beethoven made my heart stop, but for all the right reasons. Pardon my French, but that was #&%$#@! awesome." - Dr. James Winn, University of Nevada, Reno professor of piano

"Your arrangement of 18th variation is unbelievable! What a nice and excellent transcription and beauty of tone! I cannot stop listening to it." - George Primas, Czechoslovakia

"That was a stellar performance." - Ursula Tracy, NV

Quotes on Recordings

"What a fine performance of the [Chopin] third scherzo! I think it's one of the best I've heard. Absolutely perfect interpretation. When I listen to it, I forget how immensely difficult this piece must be. You stand above technical difficulties." - Martijn P. Vromans (Netherlands)

"I received Chad's video this weekend and watched it twice. I would highly recommend it to all. Chad's a real class act!" - Randy Martin, NY