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Chad Twedt was awarded the 2005 Nevada Arts Council Fellowship Grant for the composing on this CD, a $5,000 grant awarded based on uniqueness and quality of artistic creation.

What is the ostinato? Click here to read about the ostinato and how it has influenced Twedt's music.

Liner Notes on the Ostinato

The definition of the ostinato is simple, but ostinatos (as I call them, pieces utilizing the ostinato) are difficult to write effectively. The ostinato pattern itself must be chosen very carefully to allow for enough thematic variety to hold the listener's interest, and once it is chosen, thematic material must be explored to the point of exhaustion in order to find enough ideas to make the piece interesting. Ostinatos in a single piece can be moved around for contrast (as in Outburst, Mother Nature's Clock and Merciful Cry), mutated slightly in different sections (as in Mother Nature's Clock, Victory Bells and Grand Ostinato), or even interrupted altogether, as in the middle section of Victory Bells, while still maintaining the overall feel of an ostinato.

All of these ostinatos seek to accomplish two seemingly contradictory goals: to capture the imagination and interest of the listener with colorful variety and contrast, and to hypnotize the listener with mesmerizing, repetitive patterns. Almost every composer to date has used the technique from time to time, but no previous composer has explored it in any great depth. In my suites (collections of pieces making up single works), I seek to balance out a variety of contrasting emotions. Performers and listeners don't necessarily have to view everything in context, however. All of the movements stand alone very well as their own separate pieces.

Ostinato Suite No. 1 16'55
1 I. Outburst 3'52
2 II. Mother Nature's Clock 3'36
3 III. Spellbound 5'11
4 IV. Victory Bells 4'16
9/11 Portrait 13'12
5 I. Fall of the Twin Giants 4'15
6 II. Love's Labor Lost 3'50
7 III. Prayer 5'07
8 Life of a Rain Cloud 5'10
Ostinato Suite No. 2 17'48
9 I. Merciful Cry 5'19
10 II. Chinese Tea Dance 3'41
11 III. Nocturne 4'00
12 IV. Grand Ostinato 4'48
Chad Twedt, piano 53'05
Recorded April 27, 2003
Maytan Music Center, Reno, NV